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Packaged Water Treatment System for Boiler Feed

Plug and Play

This packaged Plug and Play system features multi-media filters and water softening units. With Plug and Play each unit offers single point connections for electrical power and piping. All controls are low voltage solid state and factory programmed for on-site conditions. The power supply is a single 120 volt 60 Hz drop. The common inlet piping and common outlet piping are 3” flanged and each system includes a single 2” flanged drain line. The water softener includes duplex brine pumps with a common 1” flanged brine line. All piping is schedule 80 PVC with flanged butterfly valves. Each unit includes individual inlet/outlet sample valves and pressure gauges. The multi-media system utilizes 36” diameter tanks each holding 20 cubic feet of depth filtration bedding. The efficiency of the various media layered in each tank provides highly filtered water with maximum turbidity removal by trapping larger particles at the top of the bed and smaller particles in each filter layer. Operation of the filter system is parallel flow.

System design requirements are 150 GPM 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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