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DI on Demand

This fully assembled DI system allows a user to obtain high quality DI water as needed. When not in use the system maintains water quality eliminating the need for rinse to quality while allowing instant water on demand. This system is packed with user friendly features. This series is available in a wide range of tank sizes and flow rates.

This system features a user friendly PLC (Programmable Logic Control) with an easy to use operator interface, quality instrumentation, recirculation pump, pressure gauges, sampling valves and manual operators. Field operation allows the user to adjust operating modes to fit individual needs through a wide variety of operating modes. These include various modes in manual, semi- automatic and automatic operations.

Installation of the packaged system is of plug and play design. Just connect to the common inlet, outlet and drain connections, install media’s and bring in an 110V 60Hz electrical source. Place the regenerate chemical drums and the system is ready to go.

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