Project Experience

Air Scour Iron Filters

This equipment is built using 42” diameter lined and painted pressure vessels and 2” steel valve nest for system cycle operation. Custom built internal sampling distributors were placed at the greensand – anthracite interface allowing water samples to be drawn by regulating agencies. A separate inlet air header is in place to allow air scouring of the greensand during backwash. Custom controls were added allowing additional cycle control of air injection for bed scouring and treated water refill.
Major design requirements included custom built tanks meeting overall height restrictions, triple bed of garnet, greensand and anthracite on gravel support bed, treated water backwash, air scour headers, differential pressure control and continuous feed chemical injection. System design flow is 100 gpm through 3” header. System was placed in operation in May 2003.Pictures shown illustrate make-up of each tank assembly and lower dual distribution. The lower distribution illustrates the upper air scour header lateral and lower hub radial outlet.

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